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Yolanda Jansen

Teacher. Coach. Consultant
In 2018, I founded silver mango, a 'boutique' consultancy through which I serve creatives and social & eco changemakers and leaders. I take delight in flipping difficulties to challenges. I support them and their teams to articulate and achieve their own versions of "better than before" in themselves and in team's work. This 'better', i.e. communication, collaboration and performance is achieved by creating safe spaces where divergent views are welcomed and embraced as an opportunity for growth. My heart-centred approach combines practical and system intelligence. My work is based on the coaching & consultancy schools of the neuroscience of change and adult development.

Personally, I connect to the world around me through observation, intuition, deep listening, experiential learning and embodied play. I am passionate about wild nature, learning how to bring peace, modern art and taking long hot baths. My dreams focus on bringing love, peace and justice to individuals, in the workplace and in communities. 

I have a Business Communication degree and a truck-load of coaching certificates. I am also a 2015 graduate of the global executive leadership programme from THNK, the School of Creative Leadership.

"Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand." Chinese Proverb
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