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Deborah Carter

Managing Director
Deborah Carter is PreparationTech's main interviewer and founder of NewTechKids, an academy In Amsterdam which teaches primary and high school students about technological innovation: computer science, programming, design, and critical thinking about technology.

Deborah has combined her background in tech education and journalism with her curiosity in people and their stories to help launch PreparationTech. Four years ago, Deborah Carter founded NewTechKids, an education academy in Amsterdam which prepares kids in primary and high school for the future by teaching them about technological innovation. Blending computer science, programming, design and critical thinking about the implications of technology, NewTechKids aims to engage the 'unusual suspects' who are under-represented in technology: girls, children of colour and kids who don't have a strong background in science and technology.

Prior to NewTechKids, Deborah worked in adult training and education for THNK, the Amsterdam School for Creative Leadership, and PICNIC, a European platform for innovation and creativity. Before that, she worked for a variety of digital media companies, including Liberty Global and The New York Times. Deborah has a MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada.

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